Introducing the TAGBOT, the Pinnacle InterTech Award Recipient.

The PRINTING United Alliance Pinnacle Awards are the industry’s largest, most respected awards competition for print-related technology and products. The Pinnacle InterTech Awards honor innovative, industry-changing technology and the Pinnacle Product Awards recognize product excellence and quality. 

The TagBot is a t-shirt neck tagging system for automatic screen presses that allows for the inside neck label to be printed concurrently with the main front graphic. It takes only one rotation of the printer carousel to produce two images on two distinctly different areas of the t-shirt. With the tagBot, total printing time is cut in half by eliminating the secondary printing operation. 

The technology has three parts; the Tag Along pallet, the print-head adapter that allows for printing a full-sized chest graphic and neck label simultaneously, and the unique loader/unloader mechanism to maintain print speeds. Mechanical fingers push the neck area of the t-shirt into place for the operator to tweak final positioning and quickly unload it. As one judge commented, “This is a simple, innovative solution to a real-world problem.”